About us

Goodburgerpopup.com is a food/kitchen blog that celebrates the art of burger making and promotes the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients in home cooking. The blog was founded by two friends, both passionate about good food, who bonded over their shared love of cooking and burgers in particular. They decided to start Goodburgerpopup to share their recipes and tips with other cooks and encourage people to cook for themselves using quality ingredients.

The mission of Goodburgerpopup is simple: to promote good food made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. The blog features recipes for burgers and other dishes that can be made at home using quality ingredients, as well as interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, and food bloggers, product reviews, and articles on all things related to food and cooking. In addition to the blog, Goodburgerpopup also offers a weekly newsletter, which features recipes, cooking tips, and other exclusive content.

The name Goodburgerpopup comes from the founders’ love of burgers and their belief that good food should be accessible to everyone. The word “popup” in the name refers to the fact that the blog is updated regularly with new content, much like a popup restaurant. The founders hope that Goodburgerpopup will become a go-to resource for anyone who loves good food and cooking and will help people discover the joys of making burgers and other dishes at home. Thanks for reading!