Best Prosumer Espresso Machines 2024

A strong cup of espresso has become the staple for most mornings, especially if you have to leave home for work or school. But buying a cup from a nearby café is not a sustainable option, neither is it very wallet-friendly.

Over the long run, you will end up spending equal amounts, or probably more than what you would spend on a coffee machine.

So let us get right into it. If you want to buy the best prosumer espresso machines out there, we suggest you do a little reading up before so you can score the perfect machine at one go.

These coffee makers come with a lot of technical words describing them, which can feel a bit overwhelming if you are new to this. This is why we suggest the reading, so there are no gaps in your purchase.

Best Prosumer Espresso Machines Reviews

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES870XL, Large
  • Earn up to $200 cashback with a Beanz coffee subscription when you purchase a selected Breville espresso machine. Visit purchase to claim. Valid Aug 1, 2023 until Dec 31, 2023
  • The Breville Barista Express delivers third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula and is part of the Barista Series that offers all in one espresso machines with integrated grinder to go from beans to espresso in under one minute
  • DOSE CONTROL GRINDING: Integrated precision conical burr grinder grinds on demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with any roast of bean
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup
  • PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction

The Breville Barista Express comes with a dose control grinding feature which makes it a good choice for coffee lovers out there who like to control how the coffee is ground up every time.

It comes with a conical burr grinder, and it allows the machine to put through just the right amount of coffee grounds into the portafilter.

With the digital temperature control that this machine has, water is sent at its optimal temperature, which helps it to bring out all the rich flavors of the coffee. This way the coffee comes out nice and warm and has the right depth to it as well.

If you like creamy coffees, this one has got you back. With the micro-foam milk texturing technique that it uses, it will enhance the flavor of your regular cappuccino, making it richer, creamier, and of course, tastier.

Not to mention, if you are into latte art, then this also lets you do that since the cream is nice and thick enough to hold onto the creativity.

Highlighted Features

  • Grinding can be done with controlled doses
  • Comes with micro-foam milk texturing
  • It can create both single and double shots
  • Digital temperature dial allows for precision in espresso extraction

De’Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use

This is the De’Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker. As you can tell from the name, it employs a 15-bar pump, and this is what helps the machine bring out all the rich flavors from the coffee.

The machine also self-primes. And this is especially good for everyone who hates to wait on their machines to prepare. It can take a lot of time sometimes, especially in the morning, and you want to avoid just that. With this self-priming feature, your mornings will go by a lot faster.

Since some of us prefer coffee pods, while others like ground coffee, it can change from people to people. Not to mention, the same user can want a different version at different times of the day. For that reason, this machine works with both!

Besides a splendid cup of espresso, this is also very good with lattes and cappuccinos as it froths the milk to perfection every single time. What you get is a rich and creamy foam with every sip. 

Highlighted Features

  • The machine automatically self-primes
  • It can be used with both pods and ground coffee
  • The frothier is patented and easy to use
  • The water tank can be removed and cleaned

EspressoWorks Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker with Milk Steamer

EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine with Milk Frother 7-Piece Set - Latte Maker Includes Grinder, Frothing Pitcher, Cups, Spoon and Tamper - Coffee Gifts (Stainless Steel)
  • Enjoy Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte At Home: The All-In-One Espresso Machine brews one to two shots of espresso and steams and froths milk with the built-in steam wand for a delicious cappuccino and latte. Machine has auto shut off for safe use
  • Ready To Use in 45 Seconds: Thanks to the efficient thermoblock heating system, the 15-bar espresso maker is fully heated and ready for use in 45 seconds or less. Stainless steel heat tray on the top of the machine warms your cup before brewing
  • Deluxe Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Delight the coffee enthusiast in your life with an all-in-one espresso gift set that contains everything needed to make iced and hot espresso drinks all year long
  • Bundled 7-Piece Set: Cappuccino machine also includes a 120V plug-in electric bean grinder, high-quality portafilter with single and double shot baskets, stainless steel milk frothing cup, 2 porcelain espresso cups, and measuring spoon and tamper
  • Countertop-Friendly Espresso Machines for Home: Espresso and latte machine neatly fits on the countertop. Clear, removable water tank with handle has a 1.25L capacity. EspressoWorks machines carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty

The EspressoWorks Espresso Machine is a suitable choice for you if you are looking for a machine that will deliver fast. Some of us have to quite literally run out the door every morning, and a good strong cup of coffee is our savior those days. But if the machine itself is slow, it beats the entire purpose of having it.

This one comes with an advanced thermoblock heating system. Thanks to this, the coffee can be made in as little as 45 seconds. And this goes for all sorts, be it espresso, or a cappuccino, or any other sort.

The machine uses a 15-bar pump pressure system. Because of this, you get to enjoy really good americanos, macchiatos, and espressos, all of which require a very strong and rich base.

If these are the kinds of coffee you prefer, then you will definitely love this machine. You can get one shot or two shots, depending on what you are feeling like taking at the time.

Highlighted Features

  • It can make cappuccinos and espressos under 45 seconds
  • Comes with a 15-bar pressure system
  • The water tank is removable
  • Both single and double espresso shots can be done

Yabano Espresso Machine with Milk Frother Wand

The Yabano Espresso Machine makes a good machine for people who love creamy and rich coffees. Not all of us are fond of americanos or strong shots but prefer something with milk instead. With the steam wand in this machine, you can get a nice and foamy milk texture on your coffee.

But that is not to mean that the coffee itself won’t be strong. With the 15-bar pressure system, the coffee extracted from this comes out strong and rich and can make a very good cup of espresso as well.

The machine also has a high capacity at a little more than 33 ounces, so you can make a lot at once and have it later on.

Since cleaning is something to keep in mind, we will say that this coffee maker makes the job simpler. The frothing nozzle and the drip tray can both be detached, and then cleaned out thoroughly.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 15 bar pressure
  • A steam wand is built-in for creamy coffees
  • The water tank is very spacious at 33.08 ounce
  • Frothing nozzle and drip tray can be detached for cleaning

Breville BES840BSXL The Infuser Espresso Machine

Breville BES840BSXL Infuser Espresso Machine, 61 oz, Black Sesame
  • Earn up to $200 cashback with a Beanz coffee subscription when you purchase a selected Breville espresso machine. Visit purchase to claim. Valid Aug 1, 2023 until Dec 31, 2023
  • The Breville Infuser delivers optimal flavor in every cup creating third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula, ensuring the right dose of beans, optimal water pressure, precise temperature control and microfoam milk for latte art
  • VOLUMETRIC AND SHOT CONTROL: Control the volume of each pour at the touch of a button and choose 1 shot, 2 shot or manually control over how much espresso ends up in your cup for the perfect dose every time
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup
  • PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Maximize flavor potential with low pressure pre-infusion, digital PID temperature control, adjustable in 4 ?F increments complete with pressure gauge that guides you to the right extraction every time

This is the Infuser Espresso Machine from Breville, and it comes with a unique pre-infusion function. Thanks to this, the machine applies a low pressure at the beginning, and this helps to extract the flavors gently, which ensures that the extraction is even.

For controlling the water temperature, the machine comes with a Thermo coil heating system. This, along with the stainless-steel water coil ensures that the water temperature is constant.

Not to mention the auto-purge function also helps to maintain this temperature so that the extractions are done at the optimal temperature, ensuring the finest flavors.

The pump used is a 15-bar Italian pump, and this quite literally pushes out the flavors for a fine cup of coffee. This also includes a complete volumetric control, from a manual over-rise to presets and reprogrammable volumes.

There are both single and dual wall filter baskets here, along with a nice stainless-steel jug, a coffee scoop, a cleaning tool, a removable water tank, a water filter, and its holder, as well as a cleaning disc and tablets.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a pre-infusion function
  • Includes a 15 bar Italian pump
  • The auto-purge automatically adjusts the temperature of the water
  • There are both single and dual wall filter baskets

Prosumer Espresso Machines Buying Guide

best prosumer espresso machines


Before jumping in to buy an espresso machine you have to choose the type of espresso machine you want to buy. There are a few types here, where all are good machines, but have different ways of usage, making them useful for different people.

There are manual espresso machines. Although these are not used as much anymore, they still remain a good option if you like to have complete control over how you take your espresso every single time. You do have to do everything here by yourself. While some people enjoy it, others don’t for the same reason.

Then you have the semi-automatic ones. As the name suggests, these are the ones where you have somewhat control of how you make the coffee, leaving the rest up to the machine. And the automatic ones are where you leave it all to the machine to do.

Some are called super-automatic, and these are the ones that come with a lot of extra programmed features that make usage so much easier. These include things like self-cleaning, automatic frothing, timers, and more.

Choose one depending on how you use it. If you lack time, then automatic is the way to go. If you like having control over how the machine operates, then check out semi-automatic ones.

Specialty Features

Since you want to get your hands on the best prosumer espresso machines, you have to know that these come with a lot more features than the average machine you keep at home.

While some might find such features to be overwhelming, a true coffee lover will rejoice with these added features which make every cup of coffee better, stronger, and most importantly better customized.

Rotary Pumps : One feature you should not miss out. With these, the whole brewing process becomes a lot quicker, which it wouldn’t be with a vibration pump. And while this does not actually affect the taste of the coffee itself, it adds to the entire experience, which is what prosumer machines are all about.

Pre-Infusion Chambers: These chambers let the water soak into the coffee grounds more evenly, which results in a more even extraction.

Built-In Pressure Gauges: These are another feature that highly complements these coffee machines. This gets rid of the time between the brewing and steaming, so the espresso never has to wait. The froth is delivered almost instantly, providing you with the perfect cup that is bursting with flavors.

PID Controllers: You will also find that a lot of these machines below have PID controllers, which is a common thing with prosumer coffee machines. PID controllers make sure that the temperature is always stable, they can work as shot timers. Not to mention, if you have specialty coffees, this allows for better flavor extraction

The Size and Capacity

The right espresso machines are ones that are well suited for you. This means ones that fulfill your daily coffee needs properly without having more or less. The capacity you choose should depend on the collective amount of coffee you drink in a day. If you live with your family, then consider that as well.

When it comes to choosing capacity, you will see that most models give you the capacity in cups as well as liters. Cups simply make it easier for us to understand since we are more accustomed to it. So do take a good look at that.

The size also depends on the capacity. If you have a spacious kitchen counter, feel free to go all out when buying. But if you don’t, then look for models that have a compact structure.


When buying a coffee machine, durability surely comes into play. You want to have a machine that will last you for a very long time. Most of these come in two choices- either plastic or metal.

Now, plastic does sound less durable than steel, which it is. But if you can take care of the machine properly, and handle it well, it will last you just as long. These are mostly chosen by users who are on a budget since they tend to be more affordable.

Stainless steel on the other hand can be used a little more roughly and it will still be long-lasting. But this does come at a price. Metal structures are more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

La marzocco gs3 1

What Is The Best La Marzocco Machine?

– La Marzocco GS3 MP is the best of all La Marzocco coffee makers. This high-end machine can emulate café-like taste with perfection. In fact, it has been designed for professionals. It comes with Double & Single Spouted Portafilters.

The durable machine can keep you company for years. The machine has a 3.5 litre dedicated steam boiler. You can also experiment with your latte design as much as you want.

What Is The Best DeLonghi Espresso Machine?

– De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine is the greatest of all De’Longhi creations. The Smart Tamping Station ensures precision every time. This feature also ensures that there’s minimal mess.

The device can figure out the perfect temperature for a supreme cup of coffee. As if these weren’t enough, thanks to the advanced latte system, attaining the impeccable coffee texture is no big deal. So, all in all, it’s going to be a wise purchase.

Is 15 Bar Enough For Espresso?

– Yes, 15 bar is enough for espresso. You can typically work with 9-10 bars. Nevertheless, a 15 bar espresso maker will make extraordinary coffee.


Although our list covers a wide range of models, they are all different and yet perfect in their own ways for different people. Since some prefer small, others large, some want plastic bodies, while others might prefer steel, it all differs.

Take a moment to understand the features which matter and how it affects the coffee. Then proceed to choose one from this list right here to get the best prosumer espresso machine out there.

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