Best Self Cleaning Ovens 2023

Cleaning ovens is a tiring and gruesome task, especially when there has been a lot of oily and greasy foods made in it. But it is a part of the process, and unfortunately, we all have to deal with it.

One way to dodge this responsibility is to get self-cleaning ovens. Yes, they exist! You still have to clean them, but the process becomes easier. After all the food residues are burnt at high temperatures, you simply have to wipe them away afterward.

This is a lot simpler than having to force the grease down, which surely makes these ovens an investment. If you cook a lot, or are extremely busy and get little time to do these routine cleanings, then you should be considering one of these ovens.

Before buying the best self cleaning ovens, you should always look into the types and models available. And that is exactly what the rest of this article discusses.

Best Self Cleaning Ovens Reviews

Cosmo C106SIX-PT

This Cosmo oven is a self-cleaning one, and one which you have to install into the wall. It is pretty spacious with 2.5 quarts of capacity. Meaning, having it on the counter is not ideal at all. But more than that, the large capacity makes it ideal for all users who love to cook, and in big portions.

The oven comes with a hidden bake element. This allows the food to be cooked thoroughly and also lets you clean off easy by simply wiping it down. You do not need to go into details or use harsh chemicals and methods here for results.

A total of 8 oven functions are included here that includes a lot of things, from defrost to grill to convection, and multiple options for each.

On the exterior, there is a sleek stainless steel finish that matches with all sorts of interiors. And on the front, you get a large window that lets you see, record, and observe the food. If you like to make cooking videos, this helps because there are lights inside too that make the food clearly visible.

The oven also comes with its very own child safety control lockout. This is for all the users who have kids at home and are afraid of mishaps. Not just that, other safety features have also been added to make this safe for use for users of all ages.

There is a cavity cooling system that helps to rapidly cool the oven, so it does not hold onto the heat long after use, which can be deemed hazardous. And because of the self-cleaning feature, the oven has to reach high temperatures. For this, you get a triple layer glass door.

Highlighted Features

  • Cooks food faster with lower temperature
  • Contains a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet
  • Includes a hidden bake element
  • 8 oven functions are integrated
  • A child safety control lock has been provided

Empava Electric Single Wall Oven

Empava is a common name for wall ovens, and this is yet another of their brilliant pieces. This is the Empava 30-inch model, and besides all the functional aspects of this, it comes in a nice and sleek body which makes it fit into all sorts of homes.

On the front, there is a touch screen interface that lets you control the device and gives you a lot of flexibility and ease with the controls.

Inside, there are two racks, which you can move ad adjust according to your own comfort of use. You can get a total of 6 rack positions. This is also because the oven is very spacious.

You get a whopping 5 cubic feet of space inside. This lets you work with a lot of food at once, and makes it suitable for bigger families in general. You can cook an entire Thanksgiving meal at one go using this, that is how much space there is.

For self cleaning, high temperatures are used. Following this, all you need to do is rub it down to get rid of the dust residue instead of having to deal with any form of grease.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 2 movable racks inside
  • Contains a capacity of 5 cubic foot
  • Includes a digital display timer
  • Precision temperature probe ensures thorough cooking
  • 25watts auto control oven lights

Empava 24-inch Electric Oven EMPV-24WOC02

This is a 24-inch model from Empava and one that will self clean and cook a wide variety of meals for you. The oven has to be fixed into a wall and is an electric oven that can be used for hard core cooking.

There are a total of 10 styles that this particular model supports. From baking to roasting to broiling, the options are pretty endless, and they cover all grounds. So even if you cannot find a direct connection, you can tweak around with the temperature to find one option that fits.

Because of the self cleaning function, a lot of heat is regulated in this. To make it safe to use, double-layered glass has been used to trap the heat inside.

Following that, there is a cooling exhaust system that allows the heat to dissipate safely. Once it is all done, you are left with a clean and cooled oven, without having to do anything yourself to achieve it.

On the inside, there is an oven light too. This helps for the times you really need to keep an eye on your food, especially when baking. It also lets you film the process if you are into that kind of stuff.

Highlighted Features

  • The oven comes with a total of 10 cooking styles
  • Includes a double-layered tempered glass
  • Forced cooling exhaust system cools oven quickly after use
  • Contains a capacity of 2.3 cubic feet
  • 5 rack positions are available for use

Cosmo COS-30EDWC

A choice for the professionals, this is a double wall oven from Cosmo. If cooking and baking is more than just a hobby and need, and is something you do commercially, then do check this model out.

We love it because of all the fancy features it has. Not to mention, it self cleans, which is such a big bonus when it comes to commercial usage. Capacity is amazing here at 5 cubic feet, which can hold a lot of food at once.

There are 7 oven functions too. This includes baking, warming, broiling, proofing, convection bake, broil, and roast. You can do a lot and cook up various meals and dishes using all these features.

With the auto clean, you get an added convenience of sorts. Although this is not a cooking feature, it does help out plenty at the end of the day to keep things clean and hygienic.

To ensure that everything is safe with this function, a cooling ventilation system has been put into place. This way heat escapes properly. And the cool-to-touch handle prevents any burns from occurring as well, further heightening the safety.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains a capacity of 5 cubic feet
  • Comes with 7 oven functions
  • A ventilation system is in place for even cooling
  • Cool-to-touch handle prevents accidents and burns

Magic Chef Electric MCSWOE24S

The Magic Chef Electric oven is for users who love to cook and bake and want a compact yet functional oven for their homes. This one has a capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, making it a good size for medium to large families.

It comes with a good number of cooking functions too that include broiling, convection, defrost, as well as a grill. So you can easily cook up a complete meal, starting from the appetizer to the dessert from this one oven.

There are two oven racks as well. This means that you can not only cook multiple dishes but can do so at one go. These racks can be used in a total of 5 different positions. So depending on whether you are grilling or baking, you can adjust them accordingly.

The convection element of the oven lets the heat be distributed evenly. This is what makes the food come out all nice and cooked all through.

On the exterior, you have a stylish finish to complement all sorts of homes. And the mirrored finish on the glass further helps the heat to stay in, especially when the self cleaning comes into action.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains a capacity of 2.2 cubic feet
  • Comes with 4 oven functions
  • Includes 2 racks to be used in 5 positions
  • Stainless steel plus mirrored glass exterior

Self Cleaning Ovens Buying Guide

Best Self Cleaning Ovens


Before jumping in to buy one of these ovens, you should understand the two different types there and how they function.

There is a pyrolytic cleaning, which is the tougher version. Meaning, it cleans thoroughly and leaves absolutely no grease or residue whatsoever. Here, the temperature goes as high as 400 degrees and turns every residue to ash.

After this, all you have to do is wipe it clean with a cloth or brush as you want. While this works, the door locks itself, so you are not at harm. Some ovens have an option where you enable this after cooking, and others do it automatically.

The other kind is the catalytic liners. This is milder and has special liners treated with certain chemicals. These help to prevent the grease from forming in the first place, and dirt does not collect either in the walls. This makes the cleaning process easier where any residue can simply be wiped off. You do not have to go into every nook and corner to clean it up.


Most of the best self-cleaning ovens have been designed to fit into walls instead of being countertops. They are also typically bigger in size. This is why it is important to research the dimensions before buying one.

Whether you want one to sit on countertops or want to install one into a wall, you must measure the size and check if it fits in your space. You may or may not have to cut a bigger space for your desired oven, but you won’t know until you have cross checked it.

Fuel Type

Almost all types of ovens hold the pyrolytic feature. So this gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Once you have the self-cleaning function down, check to see if you would like an electric built-in design or a dual fuel oven. It depends on what you can afford in terms of cost and space, and of course what you prefer as well.

Oven Capacity

The oven capacity does not have much to do with the pyrolytic feature, but it does matter when it comes to cooking. Depending on how much you cook at a time, and the number of people you serve, you need to choose this function.

Some come in liters and others in a cubic foot. For the average family of 4-6 people, you can opt for a capacity of around 1- 1.2 cubic foot.

But if you like to cook a lot, or in general prefer larger ovens, then you can surely find ones that go up to even 5 cubic feet. These are great for when you want to cook multiple foods at once.

Oven Door Glazing

This is something you will find in self cleaning ovens. In pyrolytic ovens, there are usually triple to quadruple glazing since this provides higher heat to burn the residue. Catalytic ovens on the other hand have double glazing in general because it does not use as high temperatures.

Glazing refers to the layers of glass used in the door. And a higher number is always better to keep the heat intact and inside. It lessens the chances of accidents and keeps surroundings at their original temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Self Cleaning Ovens

Which Is Better Steam Clean Or Self Clean Oven?

Steam clean is better than self clean ovens. This is because steam cleaning is quicker, it takes little time, around 30 minutes at maximum. This also makes it cost-effective! Not to mention, it also generates less smell and does not make the oven too hot.

How Often Should You Self Clean The Oven?

This really depends a lot on how frequently you use it and how often you put in oily food. However, on average, cleaning it every 4-6 months is good if you are going for a deep clean.

Otherwise, if you see splatters or spots, it is advised to get rid of them on the spot instead of waiting, by when it will get hard and won’t be easy to remove.

Do Self Cleaning Ovens Really Work?

Yes, self cleaning ovens do work. This is because they use high heat to release the residue that gets stuck on oven walls. Right after you can wipe it down clean. Without this process, it gets really hard to get rid of some of the tough food stains.


When you want to buy the best self cleaning oven, you need to do some research on the models and designs which will hold up in the long run. Getting just about any from the market will do you no good.

So do the required research, read up on the details we have provided. Check up to see if the size, capacity, power, cooking features, and all the other important details match up with what you need. And then go in to buy one.

All this information and more on how you can choose the right one has been given here. We hope if it helps you score the perfect oven!

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