Best Pepper And Salt Grinders

Wondering why don’t your dishes taste succulent even though you’ve put everything that your favorite YouTuber suggested? Are you always feeling like something is missing? Well, let me tell you it’s not you, it’s the seasoning.

We know that in this world of hustle and bustle, store-bought condiments seem like the easier way out. But once you start cooking with freshly grounded spices, I bet you that there’ll be no going back. The taste will be worth a bit of exertion.

Still not convinced enough to try out grinding spices on your own? With the best pepper and salt grinders by your side, pounding spices will be totally effortless. So, if you’d like to know more about this topic, spare a few more minutes and stay tuned with us.

Best Pepper And Salt Grinders Reviews

OXO Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

To give a kickstart to this section, we’ve picked out OXO Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set. On buying this product, you’re bound to feel as though crushing salt and pepper is the easiest task you’ve ever performed.

This grinder is made of ceramic. Therefore, much to your relief, it’s not susceptible to corrosion. Besides, the material doesn’t soak up much of the odor or flavor of your spices. Hence, your cooked goodies will be more delectable.

This machine comes with rotating tabs. They help you in choosing the exact grinder setting so that you may attain your desired consistency. So, whether you prefer the granules to be coarse, fine or something in between, the grinder will ensure precision. 

The transparent acrylic jar of the machine lets you observe the whole grinding process. Moreover, the body will inform you when you should refill the jar to pulverize the next batch.

The ceramic device has stainless steel accents to make it look more appealing to the eyes. Additionally, it is sanctioned with non-slip grips to prevent any kind of mishaps.

This is an affordable pick for anyone. The machine is also very easy to operate. Besides, it’s light as a feather weighing only 1 pound with 2.6 x 5.9 x 7.6. So, you can easily take it to wherever you go and the grinded spices will surely make you feel nearer to home.

Highlighted Features

  • An affordable grinder.
  • Lets you decide the coarseness of the granules.
  • A user-friendly device.
  • It’s equipped with rotating tabs.
  • The machine isn’t susceptible to corrosion.

Gravity Electric Salt Pepper Grinder – Best Salt Mill

The next item in this section is Gravity Electric Salt Pepper Grinder. It has a powerful ceramic rotor. With this grinder by your side, you’ll never have to give in to exertion ever in your life.

It’s an electric grinder with an automatic battery. The ceramic machine is enabled with an automatic on/off feature. All you have to do is tilt the device. Moreover, it has a blue LED indicator that illuminates when the grinder is running. Consequently, you can easily gauge out how much spice you’re adding.

The device comes with massive storage. You can grind up to 7 TBSPs (2.75 oz) of spices at a single go. So, no need to make refills frequently. Additionally, your countertop won’t be full of flakes after you’re done grinding. So, say no to inconvenience.

The machine has a stainless-steel pepper grinder mill. You can adjust the coarseness of the grounds as per your preference by simply rotating the knob. So, no more sticking with the same consistency for all kinds of dishes.

You can use it with a single hand. Just push a button and it’ll start operating. It can pulverize even the hardest spices with the same ferocity. Additionally, it crushes the spices with enhanced speed. That’s what makes it so user-friendly.

The device runs on batteries and they’re easy to replace. Every single part of this product is made of supreme material and so it’ll serve you for a long time without any hassle.

The Acrylic chamber of this machine isn’t vulnerable. So, no need to walk on eggshells in fear of glass breakages. The machine is also rust-resistant. So, the original smell and taste of your spices won’t be tampered with ever.

Highlighted Features

  • An electric grinder with easy operation.
  • It has a blue LED light for lowlight settings.
  • Runs on 6 AAA batteries.
  • A rust-proof grinder to retain maximum vigor.
  • Pulverizes 7 tbsp of spices at a single go.

ZaraLuxe Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

If ease of use is one of your priorities, get yourself ZaraLuxe Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. The machine is apt for all types of peppercorns or salts. You may also use the versatile machine to grind other kinds of spices.

To make this machine operational, just shake the containers and the rest will be taken care of by its adjustable rotor. There’s a bare minimum chance of making any mess. But even if you do, you can easily wipe them clean with the brush included in the package.

The device has a glass body and stainless steel. The design is sleek enough to add a touch of grace to your kitchen. Besides, it’s only 11 ounces with 2.5” x 2.5” x 7.5″ dimensions. So, it won’t occupy much of your kitchen space.

You can ground up to 3/4 cup of pepper and salt in a single shot with this machine. It has a 5 phases mechanism that lets you be in charge of the coarseness of your crushed goodies. You can customize the consistency as per your preference every time. So, no need to worry.

Want to seal the invigorating fragrance and mouthwatering flavor of your seasonings? Well, by grinding the spices with this machine, you’re making sure of that. You can store your spice in these airtight containers. No matter when you come back to them, the sealing lids guarantees that they smell as good as new.

Highlighted Features

  • A lucrative set of 2 shakers and a cleaning brush.
  • The sealing lids keep your spices fresh for an extended period.
  • It has 5 levels of mechanisms for adjusting the coarseness.
  • Crushes ¾ cup spice at a time.
  • Able to grind other spices apart from salt and pepper.

Home EC Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

HOME EC Original Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Adjustable Sea Salt Grinder & Pepper Grinder - Stainless Steel & Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers - Pepper Mill & Salt Mill - Modern Kitchen Accessories
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS - BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL SALT AND PEPPER MILL SET : Home EC Salt and Pepper Mills are easy to grip and made of the highest grade non-corrosive, brushed Stainless Steel, and BPA Free glass bottle. This salt grinder and pepper grinder set is a modern, classy and user friendly addition to your kitchen accessories. Perfect for a gourmet meal or dinner party. Great gift or party favor! *SALT AND PEPPER NOT INCLUDED.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE CERAMIC GRINDER : Our Salt and Pepper Shakers have a larger heavy duty ceramic rotor than competitors. Just twist the knob at the top of each salt and pepper shaker to set your desired coarseness of salt, pepper, or spice. An AUTHENTIC HOME EC salt and pepper mill pair and funnel arrive in BRANDED PACKAGING with a foam tray to protect your salt and pepper grinder mills! Chef Ebook will be emailed.
  • STAINLESS STEEL LID CAPS = FRESH SPICES & CLEAN COUNTERS : Our tightly sealed stainless steel lid keeps your Himalayan sea salt, peppercorn medley, & spices fresh and long lasting by keeping out moisture. The salt and pepper grinders have the grinding mechanism on the top of the shakers, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food, not all over your table or counter.
  • EASY TO REFILL - 6OZ CAPACITY = LESS REFILLS : Our Salt and Pepper Mills are 7.5” tall and each salt shaker and pepper shaker will hold up to 3/4 cup or 6 oz of the salt, pepper or the spice of your choice. Just unscrew the grinder from the bottle to refill. MANUALLY CRANKED = NO BATTERIES = ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY salt and pepper grinder sets. Effortlessly twist with your hand grind fresh ingredients!
  • Kitchen Must Haves and Wedding Registry Items: This beautiful salt and pepper grinder set is not only a practical kitchen accessory but also a stylish kitchen décor item. Made of premium materials, the adjustable grinders allow for fine to coarse grinding and make a great addition to any wedding registry or kitchen must-have list. Elevate your cooking game and add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with this elegant and functional grinder set. A must have kitchen gadgets.

Home EC Premium Stainless-Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set are one of the most sought-after appliances available in the market currently. The brushed stainless-steel machine not only looks elegant but also delivers its promise prominently.

If you’re clumsy with your grips, this is the one for you. It won’t escape from your grasp and make a mess. Besides, it weighs only 1.4 pounds with 5.5” x 2.5” x 7.5”. So, no, you won’t face any difficulties with maneuvering the machine.

The non-corrosive machine won’t make your spices smell like metals. Besides, its glass bottle is BPA free. In this era of contamination where everything is adulterated, you can at least rest assured about your spices.

The package comes with a couple of salt and pepper mill. The ceramic rotor of this device grinds your spices in a few blinks of the eyes. All you have to do is twist the knob above each shaker. You can also personalize the coarseness. Grinding spices shouldn’t be that hard, right?

You should store your grinded spices in the glass jar for the lids will make sure that the smell doesn’t evaporate. The moisture of your herbs will be sealed as well. So, if you’d like to enhance the taste of your favorite pizzas, know that Home EC has got your back.

This product is capacitated to pulverize 6 oz of pepper or salt every time which is equal to ¾ cup. You’ll get a free silicone funnel that’ll assist you in refilling the machine neatly. As a brownie point, Home EC will send you an eBook to enrich your recipe collection.

This appliance doesn’t make use of electricity or batteries. So, yeah, you’re basically contributing to preserving energy by purchasing this machine.

Highlighted Features

  • A lightweight machine that is easy to maneuver.
  • Capacitated to bear 6 oz spice at a single go.
  • It doesn’t make use of batteries or electricity.
  • Comes with a silicone funnel to help you refill the container.
  • A chef’s special eBook is also included in the package.

COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Stainless Steel Mills Include Gift Box, Gourmet Precision Mechanisms and Premium Sea Salt and Peppercorns
  • Adjustable Grinder: Grind black peppercorn with 6 levels; grind kosher or sea salt with 3 levels
  • Maintain Freshness: Keep your ground spices fresh and away from moisture and dust with these mills
  • Maximum Flavor: Salt and pepper mill mechanisms strip your spices down to their individual layers
  • Salt & Pepper Mills: The clear acrylic mills with stainless steel finishes are easy to refill
  • Seasoning & Spice Tools: Cole & Mason continues to place seasoning at the heart of the kitchen

If you’re looking for a grinder that can warrant hair-splitting precision, we suggest you opt for COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. With its Diamond-sharp mechanism, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the finest.

This premium device offers crystal-clear acrylic salt and pepper mills. The mills are built with a top-notch stainless-steel finish. So, get ready for a more elegant looking kitchen table.

Enjoy the liberty of having 6 immaculate grinding levels. So, how coarse or fine you want the pulverized spices to be, depends completely on you. But no matter which level you choose, you’re bound to fall in love with the uniformed smoothness of the granules.

Sick of losing the moisture of your spices? No matter how much seasoning you add, the meals taste dull somehow? Well, if you preserve your spices in these containers, you can bid adieu to the aforementioned problems.

This device has an uncomplicated operational process. It’s also easy to be refilled. The translucent shakers show you everything clearly. As a result, you’ll never make a mess by overfilling the shakers.

This feathery weight product is only 2.2 pounds. Its dimensions are 2.36” x 2.36” x 7.5”. Therefore, if your countertop is already jampacked, don’t fret. This machine will not add to your burdens.

Highlighted Features

  • Ensure utmost precision.
  • It has an acrylic body with a stainless-steel mill.
  • Keeps your spices fresh for a long time.
  • It has 6 grinding settings.
  • Easy to refill.

Pepper And Salt Grinders Buying Guide

pepper and salt grinders


This is the most crucial factor when it comes to condiment grinders. You want your grounds to be uniformed to make your meals more delightful, don’t you? So, make sure that the product is made of first-rate materials like stainless steel, ceramic or high-carbon steel. They can serve you for a long period with the same fervor.

Grind Settings

The best salt and pepper grinders will certainly offer several grind settings. They should also have adjustable mills. That way, you’ll be able to regulate how coarse or finely you want to crush your spices.

While some recipes may demand extremely thinly grounded spices, others may taste scrumptious if you do the opposite. So, you need to get yourself a machine that can accommodate your versatile needs.

Ease of Use

Your grinder should make your life easier. If you have to labor away hours after hours to attain the perfect consistency, it’ll make you frustrated. Most of the grinders are operational with one hand and they work pretty quickly.

Also, make sure that you opt for a machine that doesn’t leave your workspace filled with clouds of dust every time you turn the mills down.


Although you can refill your grinder as much as you want, let’s admit it- after a certain point that’d feel exhausting. Let’s not also forget the possibility of making a mess during each refill or replacement of already pulverized condiments. So, you need a grinder that comes with a decently capacitated vessel.

While crushing 1/4 cup at a single shot might be enough for home cooks, if you’re a professional chef don’t go for models that can’t bear ¾ cup at a single shot. But as we always say, the more, the better.

However, don’t waste money by aiming for gigantic mills for spices lose vigor and flavor as they age. Ergo, there’s no point in making a large batch.

Final Words

Laying your hands on the best pepper and salt grinder can be an arduous task itself. We don’t want you to spend your energy on such a quest. Rather, save up your zeal for the pulverization.

So, get ready to bask in the glory of freshly grounded seasoning. I assure you that’s the major step towards becoming the greatest chef in your family. You can thank us later.

We hope our article could be some of your help. Happy cooking!

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