Best Professional Espresso Machine For Home

When you think of buying a coffee machine, what is the first thought that pops in your head? Is it the price? Or maybe the brand? Sometimes it is these random functions you simply want to have.Well, a good place to start is with your expectations versus what you need. While we all want the latest and most exquisite machine donned on our kitchen counters, there are barriers some of us tend to face. Be it the size or the price, it differs.So instead of looking at those, try looking at the actual functional features which will make the real difference.From the capacity of the machine, to if it comes with its own grinder, the different kinds of coffee it can make, these points will help you find the best professional espresso machine for home.If all of this sounds appealing, then you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out more!

Best Professional Espresso Machine For Home Reviews

De’Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Black
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • EVERY CUP TO YOUR LIKING: 15-bar professional pressure assures quality results every time, and adjustable controls allow you to make modifications for your personal taste preferences.
  • BREW LIKE A PRO: Whatever your preference – single or double espresso, cappuccino or latte – the machine brews authentic barista-quality beverages just like you enjoy at your favorite coffeehouse.Input power (W): 1050
  • YOUR FOAM, YOUR WAY: A manual frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks – just the way you like them.
  • ONE ESPRESSO SHOT OR TWO. The three-in-one filter holder, included with the unit, has filters for one espresso shot, two shots, and one for an easy-serve espresso pod – whatever your preference.

This is a pump espresso and cappuccino maker from De’Longhi which can be used with both ground coffee as well as pods. So whichever it is that you prefer on a daily basis, it will work with this machine.

With its unique swivel jet frother, this adds a beautiful creamy texture to the milk so the coffee comes out tasting a lot better.

Sometimes, some machines make you wait as they prepare themselves. That is a step you can get rid of here, as there is a self-priming operation.

Coming to the temperature control, you get not one, but two thermostats here. This allows for the steam and water pressure to be controlled on their own and separately. So whenever a certain form is used, it can be done so at its optimal temperature.

The machine used a 15-bar pump pressure to extract all the flavors properly. And then there is the stainless-steel boiler as well. All of this ensures us the quality of the machine, and we know that it is going to be durable in the long run.

Highlighted Features

  • It can be used with coffee pods and ground coffee
  • Comes with a swivel jet frother
  • Includes 15 bar pump pressure and a stainless-steel boiler
  • The unit comes with a steam dial

Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Programmable Coffee Maker with Automatic Milk Frother and 19-Bar Pump, Stainless Steel
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • Thermocouple heating system evenly heats the water for piping-hot drinks
  • Cup tray adjusts to conveniently fit tall and short mugs
  • Automatic milk frother whips any milk into a light, creamy froth

For everyone out there looking for automation, look at the Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker. As the name suggests, it comes with one-touch features which help you make coffee and move on with the rest of the day with just one touch!

It uses a 19-bar Italian pump, and this creates a deep and rich brew that will wake you right up with its burst of robust flavors.

With the one-button interface, you do not have to put in every single detail every day but use one button instead to get your desired cup. Be it a single shot or a double, you’ll never have to press more than a button to get there.

There is an automatic milk frother as well, so if you are taking milk with your coffee, it will be added in a nice and creamy way. Perfect for lattes at brunch!

The cup tray here can also be adjusted. Since we use different sized cups at different times, this will help you get the best use out of all of them.

Highlighted Features

  • The pressure is delivered with a 19 bar Italian pump
  • Comes with a 1 button interface
  • The milk reservoir is removable and easy to fill
  • The cup tray adjusts to different sized cups

Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine,61 Fluid Ounces, Stainless Steel, BES810BSS
  • Earn up to $200 cashback with a Beanz coffee subscription when you purchase a selected Breville espresso machine. Visit purchase to claim. Valid Aug 1, 2023 until Dec 31, 2023
  • The Breville Duo Temp Pro lets you create third wave specialty coffee at home; This espresso machine ensures balanced flavors from even extraction using low pressure pre-fusion, managing sweetness, acidity and bitterness for the perfect cup every time
  • PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Low pressure pre-infusion helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup
  • WATER TEMPERATURE: The 1600W Thermocoil–Integrated stainless steel water path accurately controls water temperature
  • MANUAL MICROFOAM MILK TEXTURING: A high power 1600W element delivers sufficient steam to create microfoam that enhances flavor and enables you to produce latte art at home

The Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is one that comes with a 15-bar Italian-made pump to provide you with the freshest brew out there.

Thanks to this, the machine starts with a nice and low pressure which blooms the coffee grounds. The pressure is then slowly and gradually increased to extract the deep bursting flavors.

You can extract one or two shots simultaneously, depending on what you want at the time. This is something you can control manually, so it gives you the freedom of choice every single time.

With the steam wand, you can froth the milk to increase and add texture to the coffee. So anytime you want to recreate that creamy latte from the local café, give this a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Of course, it is also used for steaming!

The machine also includes single plus dual wall filter baskets, a razor dose trimming tool, a water filter plus water filter holder, and a stainless-steel milk container.

Highlighted Features

  • Pressure comes from 15 bar Italian pump
  • Includes a steam wand for frothing milk plus steaming
  • Comes with a razor dose trimming tool
  • Dual water filter baskets are included

Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

PHILIPS 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Classic Milk Frother, 2 Coffee Varieties, Intuitive Touch Display, 100% Ceramic Grinder, AquaClean Filter, Aroma Seal, Black (EP2220/14)
  • With Philips 2200 Series enjoy the delicious taste and aroma of coffee from fresh beans at the perfect temperature.Power consumption brewing : 230 W. Frequency : 60 Hz
  • Classic Milk Frother System: Dispenses steam, allowing you to easily prepare silky smoothmilk froth for your cappuccino
  • Intuitive Touch Display: Select the perfect coffee for your mood with just one touch
  • My Coffee Choice Menu: Adjust the strength and quantity of your beverage and choose from three different settings to suit your preferences. The Aroma Extract system intelligently strikes the optimum balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction by keeping the water temperature between 90 and 98°C
  • Powerful Filter and Easy Maintenance: Thanks to the AquaClean, enjoy clear and purified water - by changing the filter after being prompted by the machine, you will not need to descale your machine for up to 5000 cups

If you are a busy person and you want something completely automated, then look no further than this model from Philips.

It has everything you need and more when it comes to automation. Be it a touch display to make usage faster and easier, or being dishwasher safe for fast cleaning, not much has to be done here.

We also love the 12-step grinder adjustment. Since everyone has a different personal preference, having this feature allows you to grind the coffee exactly how you want it every single time. It also lets you try out new combinations, so that you are never bored!

In total, this can give you a whopping 20,000 cups of coffee in its lifetime thanks to its amazing ceramic grinders. In here, the coffee beans are ground to perfection, and they stay that way for a long time with the aroma seal. You don’t have to be afraid of the coffee losing its freshness or scent.

There are also a total of 3 different temperature settings and 2 different aroma settings, all of which help to add to the personalization.

Highlighted Features

  • The brew cup can be removed for cleaning
  • Specific parts are dishwasher safe
  • Intuitive touch display makes usage simpler
  • 12 step grinder adjustment allows for different types of coffee

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • Steam Heat forces hot steam through the filter for dark, rich espresso brew
  • Frothing Arm makes creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes
  • The Drip Catcher is a removable, washable drip tray to collect coffee drips and keep brew space neat and clean

The Mr. Coffee steam espresso system is a 4-cup coffee machine, which makes this a suitable choice for small families. It has the steam heat feature, which allows it to create rich brews as it pushes the steam through the filter.

Although we are talking about espresso machines, this makes a good option for users who love to have milk with their coffees as well. This comes with a frothing arm, which helps to froth the cream and provide a nice and textured cup of coffee every time. If you enjoy creamy lattes and cappuccinos, do check this out.

The design on this is also very ergonomic. You will find that the carafe has a nice easy pour structure, and while this does not seem like much, it surely makes use easier on a daily basis. There is a drip catcher as well, designed to keep the space clean. You can remove it when it collects too much, and wash it out quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a steam heat feature
  • Frothing arm added for creamy coffees
  • The drip catcher is removable and washable
  • The glass carafe comes in an ergonomic design for easy pouring

Professional Espresso Machine For Home Buying Guide

Professional Espresso Machine For Home

Type Of Machine


Manual espresso machines or piston espresso machines are ones that give you complete control over how you can use the espresso machine.

Although it is a little hard to learn how to use it, if you prefer to have control over how you want your coffee every single time, then this is a good option to check out.


With semi-automatic machines, you don’t need to engage in a lot of work, but at the same time, you also have some control over how you work with them. This is one of the most used and chosen for this very reason.

An electric pump is used here which helps to create a more consistent taste every time. They also come with bigger water reservoirs in general, making them more efficient of a choice.


Automatic ones on the other hand complete automation and all you have to do is press a button to get the job done. So if you are an incredibly busy person, this should be the choice for you.


Keep an eye out on the capacity of the machine when buying the best professional espresso machine for home. A lot of people tend to get confused with the word professional and end up purchasing something bigger than they require.

Since this is for the home, you should be looking into professional functions, but extremely large capacities are not recommended since there is a chance of wastage.

Look for 1 cup capacities if you don’t drink a lot, or if you live alone. There are some with 5 cup capacities, which are better for small to medium-sized families. Some come in larger capacities of 10 cups or more, and these are better for people who take multiple cups of coffee a day.


So the size of the machine also comes into the equation here, since not all of us have the same sized kitchen or counter space. The size is affected by the capacity, but it doesn’t hurt to check for compact machines, depending on the kind of space you have.

Do check the dimensions before purchasing to avoid these small errors.


How durable a coffee machine is, depends a lot on what it is made of, and how it is made. A common mistake people make is labeling plastic as bad. While plastic is not as durable as steel, how it is handled also plays a big part in how durable it will be.

Plastic bodies are good options for users who are careful with how they use the machine, are not very roughly handled, and are on a budget.

But if you don’t have a limit on the budget, or have a habit of rough usage, then steel is a far better option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Professional Espresso Machine For Home

Who Makes The Best Home Espresso Machine?

Breville the Bambino Plus is one of the top choices of coffee aficionados for their home. It’s designed with a 4 keys formula and perfectly brews in third-wave speciality coffee.

The machine is enabled with a ThermoJet heating system. Owing to that, it gets heated up in 3 seconds. Besides, its Dose Control Grinding helps you attaining precise grounds.

And the best part? Automatic Microfoam Milk Texturing lets you adjust the texture as per your taste and mood. As a result, you’ll be able to relish café-like coffee.

How Much Does A Professional Coffee Machine Cost?

Professional coffee machines come with innumerable features. They have more portafilters, a separate commercial grinder, two steam wands and more advanced settings Hence, they may cost around $2,000 and can go up to $30,000. 

How Do I Choose An Espresso Machine For My Home?

Firstly, you need to make up your mind about whether you want a

  • Single-serving coffee maker: If you want a compact machine with minimal need for maintenance.
  • Super-automatic coffee maker: If you have supreme knowledge about coffee preparation and wouldn’t mind spending a fortune.
  • Semi-automatic coffee maker: If you prefer the traditional brewing method
  • Manual coffee maker: If you like rich, full-flavour espresso and don’t mind doing everything on your own.
  • Stovetop machine coffee maker: If you want an affordable, simple, non-electric option.

You also need to consider your budget, milk frothing and grinding options, size of the machine.


Well, there you have it, folks, a complete guide to how you can buy the best professional espresso machine for home.

We understand that everyone has a different personal need and preference, but that is exactly why there are so many varieties here.

Plus, the guide also lets you understand what to look for instead of jumping onto whichever model looks cooler.

We hope this helps you find the right match because we certainly had fun listing them all down!

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