Where To Buy A Fresh Turkey Near Me

Where to buy a fresh turkey near me is a common question during special family gatherings. Anytime we have a small gathering, most of us think of cooking a lovely juicy turkey bird. The challenge is often finding a bird of the right size and quality at the best price. 

Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Williams Sonoma are examples of grocery stores that sell fresh turkey in the US. You can also purchase fresh turkeys from organic farms. These birds often have a longer shelf life than store-bought turkeys because they come straight from the source. And when all else fails, online farm produce vendors such as Crowd Cow sell fresh turkey too.

Grocery Stores and Vendors That Sell Fresh Turkey in the Us

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sells tender, juicy turkey meat from young hens. Their turkeys are primarily raised on a vegetarian diet and are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Trader Joe’s turkeys are always fresh and brined in sweet-savory brine. It sells several varieties and sizes of turkey to suit different needs. There are the small 12 -16 pound birds and the 17-22 large turkeys.

The small Turkey birds from Trader Joe’s are enough to feed a group of 8-10 people. That’s a sufficient turkey for your traditional family Sunday dinner or a meal with friends.

If you are wondering, where do I buy kosher turkey near me? Trader Joe’s is the answer. The grocery store sells all-natural, kosher young turkeys. These turkeys are soaked in and salted using certified kosher methods of brining.


Costco also sells fresh whole turkey at affordable prices. Their most popular turkeys are whole ButterBall Toms that range from 16 -24pounds in weight. Hens are also available from 10 -12 pounds.

Costco’s Butterball turkeys are raised without hormones or antibiotics. They are also low sodium, low fat, and gluten-free. You can also purchase a whole smoked turkey from Costco at a price slightly higher than that of fresh turkey.

Where To Buy A Fresh Turkey Near Me

Williams Sonoma

You may also order a Willie Bird Turkey from Williams Sonoma stores. Their organic free-range turkeys are fresh and pre-brined.

Willie Bird turkeys range from 10-22 pounds in size. They are raised on an organic diet and shipped fresh to the customer.

Williams Sonoma stores deliver turkey to locations all over the US. You will receive your turkey within 7 days of ordering with them.

Farmer’s Markets

Your local farmers’ market is the best place to get an organic turkey. If you find a reliable farmer, you may even pre-order your bird, ensuring you never lack turkey, especially during Thanksgiving.

Buying organic meat and produce from local farmers is an excellent way to support the local food systems. It also lets you know just how the turkey you eat is raised. Farmers are always ready to share information on their turkey feeding and processing procedures.

Online Organic Food Vendors

The answer to the question, where do I buy a fresh turkey near me, could lead you to an online store. We don’t mean stores such as Costco or Trader Joe’s? We mean from organic online food vendors who can ship wild and organic turkey to you.

An excellent example of an online site to buy a fresh turkey is Crowd Cow. They deliver free-range and pasture-raised turkey from ethical farms to everywhere in the US apart from Hawaii and Alaska.

What to Consider When Buying a Turkey

While every grocery store has Turkey, not all are the same. Some turkeys have a superior taste to others. But how do you find them? Here are three factors to consider when going turkey shopping.


In this era of organic living, the best turkey option is organic turkey. It’s free of chemicals, additives, hormones, and antibiotics.

Organic turkeys are also raised naturally on a strict vegetarian diet. It improves their taste and the quality of meat.

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Remember to always check the ingredients label of your factory-farmed turkeys. Some turkeys are pumped with sodium solution and other additives to plump them up.

Tom turkeys are usually quite large. Unfortunately, they have less edible meat than hens. Their meat is also less tasty. It’s best to purchase hen turkeys for their flavor and edible meat quantity.


If you find flat spots on a turkey, that’s not a fresh turkey. It’s been thawed and refrozen. Also, check the sell-by-date. Buy turkey you can cook within 2 days; that’s the best way to deal with fresh turkey.

The best place to buy a fresh turkey is from the source. That means visiting your local organic food market or a farm near you to buy a turkey.

The Size

You don’t want to run out of turkey during your dinner. Therefore, it’s best to buy a sizable turkey. Any remains can always go towards turkey stew or some turkey sandwiches.

Calculate the right size of turkey for a meal by assigning two pounds for each adult. Kids may have one pound each.

Avoid monster turkeys at all costs. While an 18 -20 pound bird may look enticing, it’s likely to be pumped with hormones. Smaller birds are better. If need be, get two or three to satisfy your needs.


Where To Buy A Fresh Turkey Near Me

Where to buy a fresh turkey near me is a common search query. If you’ve found yourself looking for a fresh turkey vendor, we’ve given you a few options. The factors to consider when purchasing turkey should also help you pick an excellent bird.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options when it comes to buying a turkey. So, the next time you want to buy a succulent bird for a special meal, don’t hesitate to use our suggestions. Just remember that organic meats are best.

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