Best Self Cleaning Coffee Maker 2023

One common appliance that most of us have on our kitchen counters is a coffee machine. Be it a drip coffee maker or an espresso machine, we cannot deny how much of a staple this has become for our mornings.

That being said, having an extra appliance also adds to the extra cleaning. This latter part is something we do not always get the time to do, and that is where these self-cleaning ones come in.

The topic of discussion today is how you can buy the best self cleaning coffee maker. We are going to take a look at some of the top ones available, as well as the process of how you can buy one.

From checking out the capacity to space to the type, all the important factors can be found down below. We shall leave you here. Do check out the whole piece if this interests you.

Best Self Cleaning Coffee Maker Reviews

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

Made from stainless steel, this model by Cuisinart is a pro at producing stronger and hotter coffee without compromising any of the flavors. The capacity here is 3 quarters, it easily makes 1-4 cups at once, and you get to choose your desired strength.

This is a suitable choice for everyone who likes to have their things automated. Here, you have complete 24-hour programmability. Of course, it self-cleans too, but that is not all.

The operation is entirely automated, from selecting the strength of your brews to automated on and off modes, or even the alert tones indicating your coffee is ready.

With the backlit LCD, operating and reading the numbers are made easier. The water-window is effortless to view as well, thus enabling you to precisely fill it up with water. The device possesses an indicator light too, keeping maintenance on schedule for enhanced durability.

Highlighted Features

  • The machine lets you control the strength of coffee
  • Comes with a fully auto 24-hour programmability
  • Includes a viewable water window
  • The brew-pause feature allows for intervals 

Cuisinart DCC-1100BKP1 Coffeemaker

An impressive device by Cuisinart that delivers more than one would usually expect. Made from metal, it comes with a scratch-resistant and non-stick layer of coating which not only enhances durability but outer looks too. This has a capacity of 1-4 cups of coffee, making this suitable for small families.

Along with the thermal carafe, this model features fully automated controls to make your life easier. You get to set up your brew times a day ahead, making it simple for all of us who tend to forget to do it in the blurry mornings.

With the brew-pause function, you can remove the carafe to receive one cup separately before the cycle ends. And at the end of the brewing cycle, it reminds you with electrical beeps.

It is also equipped with a back-up system in case of power outage or interruption of any kind. A one-minute protection holds all the pre-set details to continue its work after power returns without manual intervention. This model also reminds you when the water reservoir needs to be cleaned.

Highlighted Features

  • The coffee maker is fully automatic
  • The brew-pause feature allows for intervals 
  • Comes with a charcoal water filter
  • The capacity of the device is 12 cubic centimeters

Dnsly 2 in 1 Dual Hot Coffee Machine

For all users who live alone and are looking for a coffee machine for themselves, take a look at this one by Dnsly. It allows you to easily choose between two different brews of coffee- ground coffee or K cups. This single-serve device holds up to 16 ounces of water to be used as desired.

Besides being durable, it is compact too, barely taking up too much space in your kitchen. The machine also brews your coffee in as little as 3 minutes, almost instantly meeting your coffee cravings.

All you have to do is add water into the reservoir and add pour heated water directly into your K-cup or mug of coffee grounds. With the automated on and off feature, the device saves power while saving your time.

And the self-cleaning feature further boosts your convenience to make your life easier. If smaller cups aren’t enough to deal with your caffeine needs, simply remove the drip tray to accommodate a bigger mug!

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two brew types
  • The machine has an auto-off feature
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Brews coffee in under 3 minutes

Famiworths Iced Coffee Maker

The Famiworths Iced Coffee Maker is the optimal choice of a coffee maker for everyone who wants their coffee super-fast without much waiting time. It will brew your coffee and have it ready for you in as little as 3 minutes.

With this, you will experience, pure and strong brews that will help you to kickstart your day with energy. And the coffee remains warm for a good while, so you can go ahead and add some cream on while you are at it, without having it get cold.

Talking about construction and design, this is pretty well built, which makes it durable and long-lasting. At the same time, the size is somewhat compact, so you do not need a ton of space to store this, or keep it on.

Like all the others here, this auto cleans too. All you need to do is use two buttons, and you are good to go. And if you ever forget to turn it off, no worries there either, because it will shut itself off.

Highlighted Features

  • Brews coffee in 3 minutes
  • Coffee maker provides 2-in-1 brewing
  • Water adjustment function to change the volume
  • Auto cleans with the use of two buttons

KINGTOO Store Coffee Machine with Milk Frother

This is the KINGTOO Store Coffee Machine that comes with its own milk frother. If you are one who loves to have your coffee with a lot of cream and milk, then we suggest that you check out this model right here. With the frother, you get to turn the milk into a dense or airy foam, hot or cold, depending on how you like it.

The base of the machine is pretty compact, which allows it to fit into small corners and spaces. If you are low on counter space, this also makes a good option.

However, even though the size is small, it comes with a large and spacious 14-ounce reservoir. This means you do not need to constantly refill this as you go, which to us, is an advantage.

With the auto-shutoff feature, you do not have to worry about ever leaving this on and wasting energy or raising your electricity bills. Once it is done brewing coffee for you, the machine will automatically turn itself off.

Highlighted Features

  • Single-serve coffee maker with 2-in-1 brew style
  • Includes a multifunctional electric milk frother
  • Ergonomic and compact design for small spaces
  • Self-clean plus auto shut off features included

Self-Cleaning Coffee Maker Buying Guide

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Since everyone consumes a different amount of coffee every day, try to think of how much you drink, before buying the coffee maker. If you take a cup or two every morning, go for single-serve models, or drip models.

If you need more to kick start your day, then choose an electric French press or larger models that can serve you 10-12 cups. Whether or not you take the said number of cups, having more options is always great!


Besides the capacity, the other thing to look at when buying the best self cleaning coffee maker is how often you drink it.

For users who take several coffee breaks throughout the day, consider going for one that comes with insulated mugs. These keep the coffee warm for longer, so you do not have to heat it again later on.


While a lot of us are in a rush in the mornings, we can forget to turn the coffee machine on before quickly grabbing a cup.

If you fall into this category, we suggest that you for automated coffee makers where you can schedule a brew for the next morning. Set it up as required, and receive a freshly brewed cup every morning.


Not all of us have the same kitchen or counter space, which makes it important that you check the size of the coffee maker before you buy it. Because some are larger than others, checking this out beforehand can save you a lot of trouble afterward of having to relocate the machine.

Cold Coffee

If you want cold coffee, when buying the coffee maker, look out for models that have Brew Over Ice Modes or Cold-Brew Modes, which are common in Drip and Pod models. Or you could also consider a cold-brew coffee maker if you like your iced americano to be strong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best self cleaning coffee maker

What Is The Healthiest Coffee Maker?

The PRESTO 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a good choice if you are specifically considering your health while choosing a coffee maker. This is made from stainless steel and is BPA free, which makes it a good and healthy choice to make your coffee.

What Is The Easiest Coffee Maker To Clean?

The Cuisinart Premier Coffee Series 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker has been termed as one of the easiest coffee makers to clean. A dripless spout, a knuckle guard, fully automatic mechanisms, a charcoal water filter are some of the reasons why this is easy to maintain and clean.


Looking for the self-cleaning function has become second nature when looking for coffee machines. This is because cleaning these can be tedious, and it beats the whole purpose of making things easier with a machine.

So if you are on the market for the best self-cleaning coffee maker, you have stumbled onto the right place. Be it a big machine to serve you and your family, or a smaller one for your dorm room, you will find some good choices here. Enjoy!

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